Lady Chapel at the anglican cathedral in Liverpool

Obscure and corrupted Blackadder quote aside (it’s called the Full Potato and has Tom Baker in it, who is the best Doctor Who), we went to Liverpool this weekend. I knew it was coming, Mrs S had been trying to find an excuse to go, but I didn’t know why. There were just suggestions of going this place or that place and they were all in Liverpool so it was 100% that we were going there in some way or another.

Either way it was a nice trip out and I thought that the Lady Chapel was a really good picture oportunity. This is from the stairs into the chapel which actually gave me a better picture than when I took a picture from the chapel itself. I think it might be partly the light and I think the angle was just better.

The anglican catherdral is huge and to be honest I had forgotten how large it was and it’s also very close to Chinatown so that was lunch sorted.

Still, I would recommend a visit, it’s worth a look.I believe you can visit the top of the tower, though I believe there are 108 steps to climb, though we didn’t visit it on this occasion.

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