Carving in Ripon Cathederal

This weekend was about getting away from it all. It’s been a stressful few weeks. Well inn some ways not stressful, but just not what you would want , with no time off. It has just been constant.

Anyway this is in Ripon Cathederal and I’ll admit that this was the best place to take pictures. The rest of the weekend was outside and it was so overcast that unless you’re taking pictures to create some narrative (horrible word but I can’t think of a better one) then you are not going to create a good image.

The reason for us to be here is because we were going to Seaham which -just looking now- we did two years ago. However last time we stopped off at an aircraft museum and I think Northumberlandia which for me was a disappointment.

Anyway this time was a success apart from the trip home where I had to take over, but other than that it was fine. Mrs S didn’t get so much sleep so I had to drive, which is weird because her snoring kept me awake so I drove instead. Never mind.

2 thought on “Rippon Man”
    1. That’s great, hope she enjoys the photo. I have had a look to see more infomation but drew a blank, but there are quite a few pictures of what could ve a centaur.

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