Anthony Gormley's Another Place

Despite all that’s going on this week, it was a walk on the overcast Crosby beach this weekend.The fact that it was overcast makes taking pictures difficult. The light is so diffused that everything is bright which makes pictures look flat and depending on the light meter, things become over exposed or under. Despit this I took a lot of pictures today and most of them were junked because I was trying to concentrate on getting action into the pictures because the lighting was’t going to be up to much. I think it worked with this one. I ike the movement of the waves as they splash over the statue.

For those who don’t know what this is, this is Anthony Gormley’s Another Place which are 100 statues just ike this one that are dotted along 2 miles of the beach where some of the ones further out disappear under water at certain times during the tide, and of course this means swimming is not allowed. Kicking one of those by accident will not be fun. Still it’s a pretty impressive when thetide is out. Event better when it’s better weather.

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