Propeller engine running and avro heritage museum

Now I did love this. We went to the Avro Heritage Museum this weekend, the weather wasn’t the best, but it also wasn’t that bad.

We headed there because there was a Lancaster flyover which will make our third of the year, which makes it sound like we see the Lancaster all the time, but in the last 10 years I’ve only seen the Lancaster twice and i never had time to get my camera out to get a snap. In fact you can see the best one (in my view) at my photo site here.

Anyway this was a pretty good event. A selection of old cars and some strange cars that I have never seen such as a gull winged Toyota, and as usual a collection of Caterham 7s, which always make me wonder why I sold mine (i know full well why I sold mine, it was too low).

But this pic is of something I found funny, but also understood. They had a prop engine running and of course a crowd gathered and I thought “just run an engine and you get a crowd, that’s a little sad” and yet I was drawn to it anyway, so if anything I am just as sad. To be honest I think, if you put an engine in anything then I’ll be happy to watch. If Strictly Come Dancing 2023 included engines… I’ll be there watching. Otherwise, screw that.

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