Crich Stand from the Tram Museum

We’ve not been tho Crich Tram Museum for a long time (which for some reason is in full caps in Google meaning it’s just shouting at you all the time), and it’s always good to go to Crich as there is plenty to see and do, but a lot to do if you trams and the like, so that helps.

One thing I have never seen was Crich Stand and yet I have been to the museum quite a few times, and you can view it from miles away, so I am surprised that I’ve not noticed it before. This is a picture from the woodland walk which is a nice stroll from the last tram stop to about half to three quarters of the way down the hill. The walks is als a good place to see the sculptures that are dotted about the place.

Crich Stand can be seen from all the towns where men who served in the Sherwood Regiment were drawn from. The tower is lit at night with a red light as a reminder to those that have fallen.

We also just missed the yearly pilgrimage to the tower which is held every first Sunday in July to commemorate the dead for the Sherwood Regiment. Though the regiment no longer exist, they were merged into the with the Worcester Regiment to form the Worcester and Sherwood Forresters Regiment and finally again to form the Mercian Regiment.

Not sure if I have the legs to walk up there, but luckily there a road and a car park.

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