Kite flying at St Annes kite festival

It almost looked like a washout today. Not in the real sense in that it really hammered it down, but on the drive from here to there it started looking grey and it then started raining. Luckily when we got to St Annes we needed food so hit the Toby Carvery. The place was rammed and even though we got there a little late I thought as we got there at 12, midday, however when we were leaving it was usier than ever and people were still arriving. Mind you it was searingly hot and still was when we left so there was still a point to go, as well as the kite festival which we were there to see was still going on until 5pm or so.

Anyway, the point of this is that we went to the Kite Festival at St Annes. There were a variety of kites flown and as mentioned before the weather as great for wathing flights, however I think the wind could have been better for flying. Despite this, enough kites flew to be entertaining and as I said the place was heaving and they had a fun fair on the beach. This was definitely a great place to take kids. Whether it was a place to take your mum for a day out is another matter. Still, a great day out anyway.

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