Cirencester Parish Church

It’s been a long time since I was in Cirencester, in fact I dare not think how long ago it was, but I think it might be 25 years. So long that the Learning Tree course that I went there to attend would not have happened today as they not longer have a place there from the looks of it. In fact I never realized that it was so large, it seems small and quaint. I can’t imagine a lot has changed other then the rise of out of town shops, ring roads and pedestrianization, however, much of what I remember is still there. I just wish I could remember what The Fleece Hotel was called when I stayed there.

Anyway a lot of that is history, we went on a relatively unsuccessful camper van holiday, stopping at the Thames Head Inn in Cirencester. Unsuccessful because the camper van broke down, in fact the camper van started to break down as we picked it up, we just didn’t know it.

Anyway we stopped off a Cireccester which has a lovely museum about it’s Roman past, and the Parish Church which is the pic I have for you. I was sure it was a Cathedral, but it isn’t so that would be wrong to say, so I’m not saying it. Of course have a look for Cheesus the wooden church mouse, which is really not too far from the sign asking you to lok for him.

The park is really nice too, though not free so less impressive and then there’s the less than impressive Amphitheater which is worth a visit even just to say that you have seen the grass bank.

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