Chatsworth House in the distance with sheep in the foreground.

It was a busy day a Chatsworth. the whole place was busy despite the fact that it was cold, but it was the sun that got people out, almost as if they were heading into a period of sun rationing, which would be not far off the mark in October. The leaden grey skies will dominate for a while. Mind you the sun does come out in winter, it’s just lower, that is when it isn’t raining ot snowing which to be honest isn’t continuous despite what people think.

Anyway it was a nice 5 mile walk around the sheep that seemed to have been allowed to graze the fields. We also visited the farm which we haven’t done for a while and it surprised me how fast animals grow. There were a couple of foals that were under a year old and all I could think was “that’s a damn horse”.

It was a good day out and worth the drive even though there were a few issues with traffic, but it’s a go to place for us when the weather is good.

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