Talacre beach lighthouse

I like this one of Talacre Beach in Wales. It was a blowy day so the sand was being thrown about the place, but in a single direction and was driving along the beach parallel to the water which it often does in my experience, which is essentially my experience of cycling the Manchester to Blackpool run and every time you get to St Annes, the wind is against you and strong.

Anyway, back to the photo and Talacre. The sand flying close to the ground give the impression of the ground moving fast which I quite like as well as giving the picture a semi false feel of vastness. Don’t get me wrong the beach is large and the tide is out, but the sand effect is helping with that too.

It turns out that the 18 meter lighthouse has been here since 1776. Not in use now, it was abandoned in 1884. Apparently you can stay over, though I did a quick search and I found nothing, but I didn’t look for long, so perhaps you might have more luck. It’se definately an interesting place to stay if you could, and whilst appearing in a vast desert, if you head off the beach there are several caravan parks with their usual amenities.

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