Trolleybus at the Trolleybus Museum turning a corner.

We visited the largest collection of trolleybus collection in the entire world. Which is a pretty impressive claim, but apparently true. But I suspect since trolleybuses were only in service for a shot time, and when I say shot it’s only comparatively (something like 70 years and some might even be in service not as novelties) it’s probably not a surprise as I suspect there are not a great deal of collections about there. Many of them may have been repurposed which also helped with the lack of free trolleybuses.

The other interesting thing about the museum is that it is situated on part of RAF Sandtoft which was a massive site in World War 2 and fell out of use soon after the end of the war, despite being handed to the US for their use.

They seem to have made good use and from what I can only imagine was just some concrete, they have produced what could be passable (when looking in certain directions) for a terminus.

There’s a bike museum, and a shed where you can view all the trolleybuses they have which include buses from Canada, Holland and Germany. I am sure there are more.

They had interesting busses were the small child sized ones. I don’t know if you could ride them yourselves, you can see one here to the left. I assume you could drive them yourself, but no-one dared mess with them except the people at the museum. Apparently they are based on a mobility scooter. They looked like fun, but the constant trolleybus traffic would curtail your fun somewhat but still work a bit of a go.

All in all, this is a great place to go. Which is what I say for everywhere I go, but this time I mean it more than most. You got a trolleybus ride, you got a bus ride and a load of history and from thoroughly nice people.

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