Christmas tree and stairs at Harewood House with candles up the stair.

It was only when I got back home that I looked at the date and though (Wow it’s getting close to Christmas), but its very Christmas at Harewood House at the moment.

There are a lot of things to see and do there, though unfortunately their aviary is gone, which is sad.

Still you can walk around the house and this year each room depicts a different decade of Christmas. I think the 90’s was a little weird. Don’t get me wrong, the 90’s happens to be my time, but there was a part of that exhibit which was basically a silent disco. Not that weird if there were a lot of people, bit very weird if you’re just there and you’re outnumbered by staff and they thrust a pair of headphones on you.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a little blip in what was a really lovely and Christmassey display. So much so that I took pictures all over the place.

To be honest I think they did a good job, even the gardens weren’t spared, in the garden at the back of the house there was a lot of tinsel.

I’ll be honest for an old cynic like me, this was just hat the doctor ordered.

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