Money on a pole at the Welsh Mountain Zoo

Again a bit of a retro one for me.

I thought that this one was of the Welsh Mountain Zoo, but that’s not the case, after looking at the GPS data on the image, it seems to be the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Branton.

Personally I like the overcast background that makes it almost look fake, though I suspect the lens has caused some vignetting from the lens.

Weirdly enough after looking at all the pictures from the day, I am sure that the pictures I have of a wallaby is from elsewhere. Well I suppose it’s 2016, so I can be excused in some part, especially since I’ve had a sleep since then. I’ve also gone to a few zoos since then.

Still it’s a good picture , even though that the highlight of the day is getting a snap of a robin, which I was trying get for a while.

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