pygmy goats on top of another pygmy goats

Cannon Hall Farm was this weekend’s fun and it wasn’t great weather, though some of the farm is inside, being a farm there’s a bit out doors meaning it was we as an otter’s pocket. Needless to say that the meerkats had decided that it was time to sleep this one out. I must admit I was rather jealous looking at them all snugly in their house.

We did see a sheep race, and you get a free bet which the Mrs won, and when I say won, she was then put into a draw to get free entry again… which she lost. Still it’s good to know that you bet on the right sheep.

Anyway back to the inside stuff, this was where the pygmy goats lived and why not keep your feet warm on another pygmy goat. I mean I would if I could and I had not shame, and by the looks of it this goat has no shame.

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