Haddon Hall

This weekend was a trip to Haddon Hall because last year we went to the Christmas markets and they were really good. The whole place was rammed with the stalls, you know the score, jewelry, clothing and food, so mainly not for the likes of me, but still is was god to have a nose around last year.

This year we were suspicious, mainly because we got a parking space really easily. That should have been enough to suggest things were not going down well. Then when we were approaching that hall, there was a lack of stalls. Last year they covered every little bit of space up to the hall.Not so this year. Still not deterred and mainly because we had already paid our entrance fee of £66 (and that’s with a discount) we were get our moneys worth.

Needless to say, no markets were found, though we did get treated to some bell ringers and this view which is on the way up to the hall, which I thought looked pretty.

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