Best View In Chester. A Porthole in Huxleys coffee shop

This is the self appointed best view in Chester which is in Huxleys Coffee Shop, a quaint coffee shop on near the clock on Eastgate bridge. Not the most comfortable shop and could have done with a bit of heat in it and some comfy chairs, but a well needed rest nonetheless.

Needless to say that we spent a few days in Chester and I was not surprised that most of the time was spent in shops, outside shops looking in or looking at the market stalls, so nothing much for me to do then. In fact we went to more charity shops in the last few days than I think I have ever visited in a whole year, maybe two. It did make me realize that no matter what charity shop you went into the mens clothes were weirdly the same. There were always a load of strange patterned shirts, at least one set of salopettes, as for jackets, you may find one leather jacket, but definitely at least on burgundy suit jacket as well as a selection of gray or blue suit jackets (no pants) and then the obligatory oatmeal/herringbone suit/sporting jacket. Not sure the reason for the salopettes, but it was weird that the selection of clothes remained the same no matter where you went.

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