Spanish Sparrow in a cave wall

The thing about the caves at Ghar Dalam is that it’s not just the caves that are the attraction. In fact that the caves (or at least the front of the caves) are the home of bees and birds. In this case the birds are Spanish Sparrows, and the bees are Maltese bees which have no sting. Not that normal bees go around stinging things anyway.

The Ghar Dalam caves are pretty good, not extensive and not a whole day of exploring, but in some ways that’s not always good. The great thing about the caves is the small museum, as well as the walk down to the caves with interesting facts you pick up as you get to the entrance of the caves, such as there is a roman road that was still in use when the museum opened and so they had to allow right of way through the property, but they had to gate the paid parts of the museum off as anyone from the road could just have walked in. Not that it’s expensive, in fact one thing I found about Malta was that all the exhibits were really cheap, except for the Hypogeum which I only found out when we got there that you need to book in advance. What they didn’t say, which would have been useful, is what called time on the road.

Anyway, as you get to the mouth of the cave you can see the flurry of activity, birds going in and out and the buzz of bees that also inhabit the entrance. Both species making home just out of the sun and in a nice cool place. I’m assuming Spanish sparrows don’t have a taste for bees, otherwise it would be less of a harmonious relationship.

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