My pictures in Ashton Market Gallery

Here is what my photos look like on a wall. Actually, here’s what 20 of my photos look like on a wall in a gallery in Ashton Market. If you don’t know what this is about, you can look at a previous post.

Being my first gallery I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it all looks really good. I’m really impressed with how they look. I think they did a good job displaying my photos. Bearing in mind that I was not around when they put the images up, not for any other reason other than I was on holiday, but I was pretty sure they would do a good job, I just was not expecting it to look this good.

What is good is that more people than I thought came to have a look at the images, and they seemed to take a real interest which I really like. It means in some ways the picture capture the eye or mean something to some people.

I also looked at the other gallery and in that bay they exhibited art from a real artist, they actually did something… I’m only joking. It was all very good and I liked the canvas with the boot, not sure why, it just was something that I liked. They are donating all profits to an Alzheimers charity so that’s an even better reason to go. I shall do something similar, I’ll split my profits between Cancer Research and Alzheimers Reasearch as it’s a really good idea.

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