Marsaxlokk boats

I love Marsaxlokk, we were there ten years ago and it was beautiful then, but things change and you change, but in some ways despite that I was able to take a good picture of the place again.

Initially I thought that the place was just a holiday destination when I went this time and very little prettiness existed, but looking back on my photos this time I realized that I was wrong. I think the issue was that we went to Pretty Bay which is anything but, because it’s one huge port with huge cargo ships. I’m not doubting that it used to be pretty, but when you look out and all you can see are tankers and telehandlers and the like, then you are not in a pretty place. Don’t get me wrong we went there for lunch and mad a huge mistake, we bought a sharing platter each and what was (unsurprisingly) too much.

Anyway we walked around Marsaxlokk again and I thought this was just pretty dull, I don’t remember it being this touristy. There were loads of stalls with the the usual junk, but after a while walking around the bay, I thought this was a good image. This was after seeing a rowing boat called Miss USA and Baywatch 350 which I loved.

To be honest, I think the colour of the sky and the color of the boats compliment each other beautifully. It’s such an impressive color combination.

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