Cavendish memorial fountain

By the time we had got to Bolton Abbey, it was going dark, so there was no point in walking any further purely because the plan (from ym point of view) was to take some pictures and the light was fading and nothing fun would result from carrying on.

The main problem with what we did was, that we parked at the riverside car park and then walked in the opposite direction to the abbey which surprisingly enough didn’t result us in getting to the abbey. What’s worse is the resistance to the idea of turning round because let’s face it, we can walk to the next bridge, and no matter how I tried to explain that the next bridge was miles away we continued.

So essentially the best photo of the abbey I got was of the memorial fountain which is at the entrance to the riverside car park and until I read up about it, it appears that it’s a drinking fountain. There’s no word as to whether it’s still safe to drink from, who knows, and I’m not going to try it out. As for what it is, it’s a memorial to Lord Frederick Cavendish.

Why there’s a memorial to Lord Cavendish here it not 100% clear to me, but apparently he was a MP for North West Riding. It appears he was murdered in Dublin hours after he arrived to take up his post as Chief Secretary of Island.

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