narrow gauge colliery train

We are visiting Apedal Heritage Centre today and it was a nice surprise. Initially it looked like a lot of volunteer lead centers around the UK, and by that they tend to be a little disorganized. Not that this is a bed thing, I remember going to the South Yorkshire Air Museum and that was a little the same, but it was great to nose about and see what you could fine.

The great part of this trip was the tour. The guides are fantastic and it’s a really interesting tour and definitely worth going on as there’s not a huge amount apart from that. The museum is small and a little like a mush mash of stuff and the cafe was over-run, so food there was a wait of 20-30 minutes for anything, and we had booked a tour so that wasn’t possible. I’m sure they were doing their best and it all looked lovely, so I am sure on a less busy day you would get nice tasty food in a reasonable time.

I believe the tours go deeper in the summer when there’s less water in the mines at that level so we just got the short tour. Even so, it was good enough for me, and was plenty full of info for a non miner like myself.

Once you left the mine you could walk around the bits and bobs outside which again were all over the place in some ways, but still interesting, I’m not 100% sure what this was other than I think it carried miners down the mine. Still it was interesting to look around. Definitely worth a visit.

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