Pigs at Tatton Farm

Pigs are always the best thing to take a picture of, especially piglets, there’s nothing better. I mean larger pigs aren’t that photogenic but piglets, well they have yet to become the mammoth swill eating juggernauts so they look dainty and pretty and clean, but in this photo I have been spotted.

I must admit I thought that the pig would stop looking when I got my camera ready, because when I initially focused the camera, I realized that the settings were all wrong, so I started messing with the camera and suspected the moment was gone, but lucky me, this little pig decided I was better than having a kip. Foolish little pig. Sleep is always better than staring at me.

This was out trip to Tattoo Park Farm, which was supposed to be a prelude to going to RAF Burtonwood Heritage Centre, which according to the website and Google was open today… but wasn’t. However the farm was pretty good anyway, though a bit pricey at £8/adult to get into the park and then the same to get into the farm when we only walked around the farm because the Garden Cottage was shut… and we had to set off for RAF Burtonwood. Sigh.

Still pigs were good. I win

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