Crowden track into the distance with pylons and ralings leading the eye to the horizon

I mean it’s probably (definitely) not the best image, but the light was bad and nothing was looking pretty, but I liked the track heading off into the distance with the pylons and railings leading you to the horizon. I have better photos of thi, but they are in the past and this is where we are, “You are here” after all. To be honest I was really not feeling my best and the overcast weather doesn’t help for photos, so I was doing my best as I don’t think my head was really in it.

If you carry on the walk, (we were not up to it in the end, I had recovered from my slump but Mrs S had had enough) you get to Woodhead Railway Station which is marked but doesn’t really exist. The platform -if you can call it that- is still there and there is a tunnel blocked off by doors. However if you fancy the trail carries on, but the incline puts Mrs S off so we never venture up.

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