Panarama of Llandudno pier

The sun is out, so everyone must flock to the beach and expose as much skin as possible, it’s the rules, this is Britain. So with that in mind we migrated to Llandudno, which is a place that I’m not much of a fan of, though it ranks higer than Blackpool which is a place that I always think is a good place to go until I get there and I realise that I don’t care for the place that much.

The problem with Llandudno is that there’s nothing much there, I mean you can walk down the pier and you can go up the Great Orme, but there’s nothing much to see when you’re up there, and then you’ve got the shops. The arcades used to be good, but seem to have gone down hill. I suspect a lot of this lack of interest is that it’s more of a place for people with young kids and those days are gone.

The only redeeming features this visit were the wheel that’s new, and a Lancaster Bomber flew over which was a nice surprise, I think it was on it’s way to Anglesea, but I’m not sure why. I’ve yet to find out what it’s itinery was. Since there are only two still around, I suspect it was thw same one we saw in Stockport at the Krazy Races, it has the same insignia on the left hand side, so I suspect it was.

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