Gardeners shed with drawers for seeds and tools ahnging on the wall.

A trip to Calke Abbey was in store today. Still aching from the 6 mile walk
yesterday I sort of wished that I has for a less arduous day. Something like
watching TV or sleeping, but it is what it is, a near 2 hour drive and a huge
walk, because once you go somewhere you have to do it all.

You have to go around the house, but if you’re not into stuffed animals then
you’re best to avoid as there are a lot of them.

As you go higher in the house the degradation increases and I think that’s
intentional by the National Trust to show how they have improved the house. So
in that way it’s nothing like any other house I have ever seen.

As you can imagine this is not in the house, but I loved the feel of the gardener’s
“hut” and the blue wall just set it off for me, and the chest of drawers were just the business.


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