Fountains Abbey Grounds

I love this image because it challenges our perceptions of colour and the fact that we look at something and use the visual clues to make assumptions about what we see.

To me this image is a little confusing, but only because I took it. In as much as I think it looks like a night image, but in reality this was taken in the day.

I think the fact that it looks like a night pic is because the upper part of the image is dark. the rest of the light however doesn’t seem to be from above because there are no or few shadows, which seems to suggest that the sight source seems to be un-natural. The reality is that the day was overcast which is why there are no shadows.

I think it helps the fact that the water looks almost black and reflective to add to the mood. I only wish that I could have planned this instead of it being accidentally a good photo, as far as I am concerned.

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