Matlock Bath from Abraham Heights

On a trip out since the weather was fantastic, we ended up at Matlock Bath because they had a mining museum where you could have a mine. Yes that’s right, the sun is out so we want to find ourselves in the darkest place we could. Forget that mines are probably the same temperature all year long so winter is no obstacle, forget that.

Mind you it wasn’t massively warm so I am glad I didn’t suggest driving with the top down as it would have been with the top down, heaters on full and coat buttoned up.

Anyway we went up Abraham Heights which is where the pic was taken. It’s quite nice up there, and we got a tour round one of the mines which was sort of a little like half a hours walk underground to view a large space that was semi-unimpressive and then a short walk out. Nice exercise, but nothing else.

In fact the best part of this was a drink at the restaurant where we managed to get a seat on the balcony, which was really impressive at that time of the day, even better, you were shielded from any wind and got the full force of the sun, which was nice with a drink and a sit down. I think I chose incorrectly by getting an alcohol free beer, never mind, next time, perhaps a time when we get a hotel near by.

This is of course zoomed in, and tilt shifted, not that I have a tilt shift lens, that was done in post. Not the best pic, but not bad.

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