Fishing hut at Ile du Madame

I could have sworn that today we walked a billion miles, but when I checked it out on Google Maps and looked at my Google Timeline they both said that we walked 5 miles. Perhaps it was the heat. I mean it was pretty hot and the walk from the mainland over the causeway seems a long way, but perhaps not. Initially we didn’t think we would get across owing to my lack of French and inability to decypher the signs properly, but after a quick website search it became clear that it eas passable for all but 3 hours of the day, so we were fine. To be honest we turned up just a little too early, it was passable if you didn’t minf getting your feet wet, but we didn’t so we passed up the offer and waited an hour when it was completely dry(ish).

Despit our good timingd we didn’t have so much luck with the Fort that I wanted to see. By the time we got there it was closed. But thats what you get when you wait for the tide and then have a long walk and a stop at the cafe. I think if I had thought on then I’d have hired a bike, but I’m not sure how that would have gone down with Mrs. S. Bike travel is not her favorite.

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