Oyster shells attached to a bridge

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what this is about, but I can guess. I think it’s a similar thing to where people put locks on bridges such as the ones you can see in most places but I have seen them in Paris and Venice.

I’m only assuming so because it looks so similar, however I don’t know because I didn;t have time to check it out. But this is a bridge and its seems similar. I did a quick search and I’ve not seen anything online about it. but I suspect it might be a matter of couples buying some oysters and then sharing their consumption and love for each other with the world.

Either way Oleron is a pretty island to walk about with a lot of arty businesses on it in very vinrant coloured shacks and as usual with places in France, a lot of camping.

In addition to all the fun it has a Pont Napoleon which built before Napoleon was born and then renamed a few times before becoming Pont Napoleon, yet no-one knows why. Fun.

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