La Rochelle Port by night with lights reflecting in the water

A they always are, this is a chance image where the light was right, the clouds were right and the situation went right. I think it’s quite pretty and I took a few pictures of the port this week and not all of them looks anything like this one, which to me suggests that it’s a certain percentage persistence and a certain percentage talent/ability as I don’t think it’s badly framed, but I am pretty sure that most people ca frame a photo. I’m sure whilst I say this, there will be loads of people (who am I kidding I don’t get lods of page views) saying the framing is bad.

Here you can see the three towers of La Rochelle, with the two ain ones on the left and in the middle the third one, though thr third one was the first one to be built. I seem to remember that it was bult as a lighthouse even though it has all of the elegance of a church tower,

In some ways there is nothing much to see in La Rochelle, though there are plenty of places to eat, so I get the feeing that a lot of people go there just to chew the fat and chill out in the bars and restaurants on the side of the harbour, though then the night draws in, the harbour side turns into a huge outdoor venue for entertainment, music and dance, it’s all very vibrant.

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