wood pigeon in silhouette

I won’t lie, I’m not a watcher of any sort. Birdwatcher, train spotter or of those odd car watchers that you see near the junction of the A34 near Alderley Edge, mind you I don’t mind the latter in some ways, I get it, but I can’t imagine it’s interesting, or whether you can get many YouTube views from it.

Anyway I spent this morning clearing parts of the garden, but because the day was so warm at 9am when we had finished we just sat and let the bords do what they did. I got a few shots of a Robin, in fact too many, and that was going to be the picture today. To be honest just sitting there waiting for the birds to turn up was a nice start to the day and sort of made the weekend.

We then went out for the day and came back early (4pm) and so we were back out to the garden and back to “bird watching”. Not so lucky this time. Nothing happening. The birds were happily birding about and couldn’t be enticed with food… until this greedy guts came along.

This one spotted the food and scoped it out a bit sitting on the next door neighbors “golf shed” until they moved to where the food had been dropped on the fence top.

This pic is a pic of the wood pigeon scoping out the food. I do have a pic of the wood pigeon eating the food, but it’s not as good a pictures, mainly because the background is a house. So a wood pigeon with a brick background isn’t so great.

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