Rhea at Greenacre Animal Park

This chap was at the Greenacres Animal Park, which was another one of those day outs where it looked like we had lost our kids and by that I mean, everyone else had little children running about and it was obvious that this was the aim, to get the kids out and about, whereas we were just us and sans child. But no matter, I think were getting used to it.

Don’t get it wrong, it’s an ostrich, but this specimen is a Rhea which is the species in South America, and this one just seemed to like hanging around with grass hanging out of it’s mouth. I’m assuming it was close to feeding time as the whole herd (bar one) seemed to follow us about, unless of course they were just naturally inquisitive and would be just do that anyway.

It was a packed day as we hit the animal park more or less as they opened and were hitting Wepre Castle later which was a four and a half mile walk from the car park to the castle and back, so first day back to work I’m shattered and could do with a weekend off.

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