Monk Bretton Priory in silhouette and black and white

Monk Bretton sounds so much nicer than Barnsley, now that’s not to say that Barnsley is a bad place, but Monk Bretton sounds so much better. The Priory was quite walk from the town centre and we were both in the mood for a hike, but I don’t think we were prepared for how far and how uninteresting the walk would be. It’s only when we got there did we realise that there is a car park at the entrance, so wecould have parked up and has a short walk instead.

It’s a bit of a weird place being surrounded by housing but still quite interesting nonetheless. On the day we went it was very foggy and quite sunny, hence the odd picture which was taken directly into the sun, so I stopped it down to get the silhouette which then made the sun look massive which I quite like.

Just having looked at the website it suggests that the nearest toilets are at Brosworth Hall and I didn’t realise that Brodsworth was that close, so I checked on Google. Well if you fancy a hike then it’s a short 3 hour and 40 minute walk, so let’s hope you’re not that desperate, or just walk into Barsley a mere 39 minutes. If those are the options, I suggest finding a bush.

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