I liked this pic from the Silverstone weekend. And it’s not Parc Ferme, but it seemed like a good title. This is after Qualifying, though I am sure this is where the cars line up for scrutineering. It was a good weekend, though it was long. I think the next time I’ll skip practice and just go for the on day, though if you have the opportunity then why not take it, that’s what I say, then at least you know better for next time.

The other thing I think I’ll do next time is get in for some camping and see the after racing entertainment. So I think the plan is to drive down on Saturday and watch the qualifying on TV, then hit the party afterwards. Then do the whole Sunday in a Grandstand, perhaps Vale and then you get a good view of the the vale complex as well as Stowe as well as a screen. In addition you might be able to have a good view of the Red Arrows without the Paddock getting in the way.

I like the idea of camping, only with a camper van though. I’ve done a bit of camping in my time and it’s always one of those things that sound a good idea in your head before you do it and then when you’re actually do it you realize that you actually have always hated it.

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