Lyveden New Bield which is an abandoned country house

On the way to Silverstone I had some time on my hands, so I popped into Lyveden, whilst it’s not known what the house was built for, it was assumed to be a “secret house” as it was only a mile from the main house on the estate, however it was never finished and has been kept in the state in which is was left and now part of the National Trust. It’s interesting though unless I missed some secret field, apart from the house, there’s nothing much else to walk around of any interest, though the walk is nice enough. There is supposed to be a labyrinth, but that wasn’t there at the time.

Still, if you like a walk, it’s a nice enough place to potter about with the bonus of being able to enter a part built secret house. I’m assuming there were floors in the building as there seem to be holes to hold the joists, but I suspect the lack of roof meant that these would have rotted away. Unless they were never installed in the first place.

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