View accross a moor with a sign explaining you are entering a military firing range.

It’s a pretty decent walk over Holcombe Hill, passing the Peel Monument. They both tower over Ramsbottom and there are few things to see such as the Pilgrim’s Cross and this sign for the firing range. Weirdly enough the flags were not out meaning live firing wasn’t going on, but there was definitely a sound of automatic weaponry being fired in the distance, so perhaps the flags were out somewhere else. Follow the linke if you’re interested in Fireing Times. I didn’t get as far as gthe camp, mainly because I was unaware it was there, I was just in for a hike up the hill and the srprise incline half way across the top.

Mind you I had to cut it short as I found that my walking boots were not up to it as on the way down my boots slipped on the mud and I took to tobogganing down the mud bank on my back. I say I had to cut it short, but it was a fairly long walk and by that time my feet were starting to ache. It turns out that my boots were so old that all of the tread has worn off the bottom of them which explains the detour on my back. Still it’s well worth a visit.

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