Gosling at Chatsworth

Since it was a really good weather weekend, it was time to had out to Chatsworth with the top down. Weirdly enough we have gone to Chatsworth many times, but the route there seemed to take longer than ever despite the fact that the traffic wasn’t that bad. However we were not the only people to think that it was Chatsworth time and so there was quite a queue to get in.

Despite the weather, I was just not in the mood for taking pictures, but I tried my best and this is the best one of a bad bunch. There were a few goslings with mum and dad pecking around the main fountain. Naturally I didn’t get too close and so whipped out the 300mm Tamron lens which I am quite fond of, it always takes good images, and fully zoomed in narrows the depth of field as you can see here, which can be a blessing and a curse, especially with moving targets. I was also having a few niggled with my camera, it focused fine, but after about half a second later it would try and focus again, doubtless I have some daft setting set. In fact the first pictures were just white squares because I had it set to the highest ISO which I don’t know why because the last time I took photos was in bright sunlight.

Still it was a somewhat successful day at Chatsworth, the picture could have been worse.

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