Avro Lancaster Bomber

It’s been another busy few weeks, so I have had no time to take a picture, let alone upload anything of interest. Essentially lots of decorating and DIY which isn’t fun, but is necessary. So this ia picture from September when we went to the Avro Museum which stands on what is left of the British Aerospace factory that my dad used to work in. For those who don’t know, British Aerospace existed after a load of mergers of a load of existing aircraft manufacturers after the end of WWII. To be honest I think they renamed tis side of the business Avro again, however that was the very old name of one of the arms. In face Avro started the turn of the centaury and produced the Type One which you can see a replica at the Brooklands museum which is where Vickers used to produce aircraft there. Vickers is also another company that got merged into British Aerospace though was folded into BAC first. Though I suspect if you were to name any old aircraft company prior to WWII then that same could be true as in they all sort of got folded into British Aerospace.

Of course the Lancaster (the pic) is also an Avro production and is of course well known for the Dambusters, which was also tested in the area at Derwent Reservoir. The interesting fact of the Lancaster, it was designed by the same designer that gave use the Vulcan and I believe that the cockpit controls/dashboard was taken from the Lancaster and installed in the Vulcan, despite the fact that the Vulcan was a jet and the Lancaster being a prop. It did ensure that people wholehad flown one felt at home in the other. However I have been in a Vulcan cockpit and I’m not sure that they were built for tall people. In fact I have flown a Vulcan simulator, which was a thrill.

Anyway back to the photo. I have been trying to get a pic of the Lancaster for ages and then last year I got a picture of the Lancaster on three occasions times. I believe that I have captured images of both of the surviving airworthy Lancasters.

The sound of the aircraft is something else. When we were in Llandudno (our second encounter and only unplanned encounter with a Lancaster) all of a sudden there was a drone coming from the sea that was not a normal aircraft as we sat there listening to the brass band. Then as the aircraft came into view I started fishing around in my camera bag to get the correct lens. However it wasn’t as good as a picture as this. At Llandudno it’s was off somewhere else and just happened to be above us, at the Avro museum it was a planned fly over, which it did twice, so it was all showoffy. It was perfect.

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